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Animal Welfare & Fighting Cruelty
Page Revised Aug 4, 2004

Animal "Just For Kids" Sites

How to Love Your dog...a child's guide

Humane Teen..youth education division of HSUS

Animal Rights Organizations and Communities
Action Alerts, Daily news

All Creatures Org.

All for Animals

American Humane Association


Animal Protection of New Mexico


Friends of Animals

PCRM(Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)

Education and Humane Education Laws

Alternatives to Animal Dissection
In School Science Class

Educators For Animal Rights e4ers

Helen Woodward Animal Center

Humane Education That Saves Animals Lives

National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy

Science and Regulation
Related links for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Farm Animals
Humane Farming Issues

FARM-Farm Animal Reform Movement

The Legal Path


Cruelty To Animals Statutes...By State

Grace's Safe Harbor-Lots of Links

Lobbying is Not for Experts only

Project Vote Smart...source of political information

State and Local Government...Internet Resource Center

United States Dept. Of Agriculture...Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

Non Profits (Organizing, Fund Raising, Etc.)

4 Paws Fund Raising

All American Animals:Fund Raising Specialists for Charities

Donate Free to Charities

Foundation Center-Gateway to Philanthropy

PFAU Englund Nonprofit Law, PC--Site For Tax Exempt Organizations

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