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I am no longer listing lost and found pets. I am, though, listing resources to help you in your search, to get your pet back home.
Be sure to scroll for links and info
If you would like to email me about your lost pet, that's okay.
I do sometimes hear of those that have been found.
Page updated Dec. 20, 2010

If you have lost your pet, CHECK WEBSITES OF PETS FOR ADOPTION, as well as lost and found resources. Check ALL of your Local Shelters and Animal Control Facilities.
Petfinder..Extensive list of shelters and rescues
NY State Shelters and list mh
All pets, at shelters listed on Petfinder are listed by a particular breed. It would be a very good idea to search by breed, as well as searching shelters by distance. To make sure you have a list of all local Animal Control, check with the Town Clerk Offices in your area.
Very Important....Go to the shelters and see for yourself.
Not everyone's description of a dog or cat is the same.
Don't waste time, as many of these places are very overcrowded and may only hold the animals for 5 days.
Check with the Vets in the area to see if your pet was brought in injured.
Call the Highway Department and others...Postal workers etc.
They may have seen your pet in their travels.
Picture, picture, picture! I cannot stress this enough.
Wherever and whenever you post your lost pet, post a picture!
In the hopes of helping a lost pet get back home,
I often will scan through lost pets ads,
as well as pets for adoption, on both Rescue and Shelter sites.
And scanning is all that I have time for, so no picture, I skip right on by.
And I'm sure many others may do the same thing.
Make a poster to put up in Stores, Gas Stations, Vets Offices
Then send them out to those Vets and Shelters further afield.
People don't think of this, but I've known pets to be found 35 to 50 miles from home.
Who knows how they may have gotten there.
One possibility... Someone sees a dog running loose
and picks it up to save it from being hit by a car.
Now, not knowing where the dog control is for the area,
they end up bringing the dog home to their local area.
The pet escapes from them and
then gets picked up by the dog control in that area
Of course if the dog had identification on there wouldn't be a problem....
Please microchip and id your dog
Wishing you the best of luck in getting your pet back home.
I know how it feels to never find them.
Back before I had my cats "Indoor only", I lost two of them.
This page has been done in their memory
Skipper and Tinkerbell, my feline friends. mh
For my local area of Oswego County be sure to check
PAOC..List of Local Veterinarians and Animal Control
Petfinder:Oswego City Shelter
Petfinder:Oswego County Animal Welfare League
Petfinder:Oswego County Humane Society

All other areas of NY State
New York State...Missing Pets Web Site
New York State...Petfinder Lost and Found
New York State and others...FidoFinder
New York State and others...Find Fido
New York State, Pennsylvania...Pets Missing in Action Site
New York City...New York area Lost and Found
Oswego... Oswego County Weeklies Online
Syracuse Area...The Rov-a-tune-Lost and Found Animal Database
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