Rescues Purebred
NY State

Akita--- Akita Rescue of Western NY

Petfinder:Akita Rescue of Western NY

AmStaffs, Pits and Pit Mixes--- American Bulldog Rescue...All areas NY State included

Animal Farm Foundation...Bangall NY

Out of the Pits...Old Chatham NY

Basenjis--- Basenji Rescue Central

Bassetts--- All Bassetts Cherished

NY, NJ and Eastern Pa. Bassett Rescue

Belgian Malinois--- Scroll for Belgian Malinois Rescue Northeast

Boxers--- North Eastern Boxer Rescue

Cane Corso--- Petfinder:Bayside, NY

Catahoulas--- Catahoula Rescue Network

Chinese Crested--- check under members for NY contacts

Chows--- Cicero NY

Cockers--- Ithaca NY

Collies--- Petfinder:Central NY Collie Rescue
Petfinder:Western NY Collie Rescue

Dobermans--- Doberman Rescue New England and Eastern NY

Petfinder:Doberman Pinscher Club of Metroplitan NY

English Springer Spaniel---English Springer Spaniel Rescue of Long Island

English Springer Spaniel Rescue

New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue

Eskies (American Eskimo Dog)---Pet Finder:Eskies Online, Northeastern Chapters

German Shepherd---Petfinder:German Shepherd Rescue of Dutchess County

Petfinder:Bright Star Shepherd Rescue of Rochester

Good Shepherd K9 Rescue

Golden Retriever---GRROWLS-NY, INC.

Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue

Greyhounds---Adoption Agency Directory from the Greyhound Project

Clifton Park Greyhound Rescue of New York Inc

Petfinder:Cross River Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation

Petfinder:Fast Track Greyhound Adoptions...Ballston Spa

Petfinder:Greatful Greyhounds...Suffern

Keeshond--- Petfinder:Riverfront Keeshond Rescue

Labrador Retriever--- Long Island Labrador Retriever Rescue

Maltese--- Atlantic Maltese Rescue

Metropolitan Maltese Rescue

Petfinder:Atlantic Maltese

Petfinder:Metropolitan Maltese

Pugs--- NY Tri-State area

Rhodesian Ridgeback--- Midatlantic Region

Rottweilers---Petfinder:Deer Park NY MCM Rottweiler Rescue

Siberian Husky---Mid Atlantic Region New York

St. Bernard---Upstate Saint Bernard Rescue

Toy Breeds---Petfinder:Second Chance Pet Society Inc.

Petfinder Breed List
List of dogs for adoption, from all over.
Listed according to breed or breeds they resemble, not necessarily purebreds.
They have just as much love to give though, and need a home just as badly.

World Animal Net
Extensive list of just about anything and everything Animal Welfare Related
Includes listings of Shelters, Rescues, Animal Control
those with or without web pages
Much More

NY State Animal Shelters
and Rescues
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